Tipper Forklift Service Lift - Tilts Forklifts 90 Degrees

Fast Safe and Easy Forklift Maintenance.  This revolutionary machine tilts forklifts a full 90, thereby offering unobstructed access to the entire vehicle underbody.  Just drive the vehicle onto the Tipper service lift, and let the Tipper do the rest.

Click Here for a mechanical drawing & specifications of the 313-A Tipper.

Nothing could be more simple...  or more cost effective.  In fact, a major automotive supplier saved 1,576 maintenance hours on 40 electric trucks in a single year using the Tipper.


The Tipper is made in the USA and complies with all applicable ANSI and OSHA requirements.  Automatic safety pawls are incorporated in the design to prevent accidents in the event of hydraulic malfunction.

The Tipper requires very little floor space and is portable.  Each unit is shipped assembled, factory tested and comes with a one-year warranty.

The Tipper service lift is one of the fine family of forklift service lifts available from Tilt-Or-Lift, Inc., the lift specialists.

There are no finer lifts available.  Anywhere. US Patents # 4,966,517 & 5,478,191.