Tilt-A-Lift® Forklift Service and Maintenance Lift

Fast, Safe and Easy Maintenance for Forklift Trucks

The Tilt-A-Lift® service lift simplifies maintenance and repair of forklifts and other short-wheel based industrial vehicles.  Just set the width of the portable unit to the required distance and drive the vehicle onto the loading ramp and into position.  The Tilt-A-Lift® tilts the vehicle as much as 60° from horizontal using no cables, chains, or worm screws and allows easy access to underside parts for lubrication, repair or part replacement.

The Service Lift with New Level of Safety and Versatility

The Tilt-A-Lift® service lift is made in the USA and complies with applicable ANSI and OSHA requirements. Automatic safety pawls are incorporated in the design to prevent accidents in the event of hydraulic malfunction.  The lift is equally safe for the forklift, since the vehicle is being raised by its wheels as recommended by manufacturers.

The Tilt-A-Lift® service lift is portable and has removable runway panels for access to underside parts.  All lifts are factory tested, shipped as an assembly and carry a one-year warranty.  A variety of popular options are available to increase the service lift's utility.

The Tilt-A-Lift® is one of the fine family of forklift service lifts available from Tilt-Or-Lift, Inc., the lift specialists.

There are no finer sevice lifts available, anywhere. US Patent # 4,134,501.

Two standard service lift models are available:

The S-15-A has a 15,000# G.V.W. capacity and the C-25-A can handle vehicles up to 25,000# G.V.W.

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