Single Cylinder Lifts Are NOT All They're Cracked Up to Be!

Lift-A-Lift® - Our Four Cylinder Lift

Our four cylinder lift is shipped assembled & factory tested. Just put in place & plug it in!

Our four cylinder lift can be easily relocated. No need to disassemble. Move it anywhere.

Our four cylinder lift has enough structural integrity to stand-alone. Does not need to be bolted to the floor.

Our four cylinder lift uses four (4) individual cylinders to lift. All hydraulic power = lower maintenance cost.

Our four cylinder lift does not use chains, cables or pulleys.

Lift-A-Lift® models: V-(20,30,40)-A, have push button hydraulic width adjustment.

Models V-25AF(8,10,12), have 22" wide runways (there is no need to adjust the width).

Standard approach ramp accommodates vehicles with low under clearance.

Our four cylinder lift has removable runway panels.

Our four cylinder lift has both automatic hydraulic & mechanical safety locks that work whenever the lift is used.

Single Cylinder Lifts

Single cylinder lifts are shipped in parts & pieces and must be assembled in the field.

To move single cylinder lifts, you must disassemble to move & reassemble in new location

Single cylinder lifts require four (4) anchor bolts at each post. It uses the strength of the concrete to support the legs.

Single cylinder lifts use a single (1) cylinder & leaf chain to provide lift to all four (4) posts.

Single cylinder lifts use a leaf chain that can stretch.

Single cylinder lift width adjustments are cumbersome & must be made manually with a team of men or a forklift from the side. One runway weighs approx. 1000#.

Single cylinder lifts have steep ramps that are not compatible with vehicles with low under clearance.

Single cylinder lifts do not have removable runway panels.

Single cylinder lifts have mechanical safety locks in each of the four posts. Not automatic safety locks.

All Four-post Lifts are NOT Created Equal!