Tilter Industrial Vehicle Service and Maintenance Lift

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Fast, Economical and Safe Industrial Vehicle Maintenance.  The Tilter industrial vehicle service lift is the simple and economical solution to industrial vehicle maintenance problems.  Just drive the vehicle onto the adjustable Tilter service lift.  The industrial vehicle lift drops down automatically, allowing easy access to underside parts for maintenance and part replacement.

The Proper Balance of Economy and Effectiveness

The Tilter industrial vehicle service lift is made in the USA and complies with all applicable ANSI and OSHA requirements.  It features structural steel construction and self-locking rear legs with a manual release.  The front legs are permanently locked.

The economical Tilter industrial vehicle service lift is portable and available in two sizes to service a wide range of industrial vehicles.  All lifts have adjustable runways, are shipped assembled, factory tested and carry a one-year warranty.

A wide variety of popular options is available to increase its utility.

The Tilter industrial vehicle service lift is one of the fine family of forklift service lifts available from Tilt-Or-Lift, Inc., the lift specialists.

There are no finer lifts available. Anywhere. US Patent # 5,641,150