One customer saved $75,040.00 in a single year!

One customer, an auto plant in Southwest Ohio, saved $75,040.00 in single year using a Tipper.  They have 41 sit-down, electric trucks and figured their savings as follows:

  Before Tipper Using Tipper Savings with Tipper
Axles & Motors 2,900 hours 1,900 hours 1,000 hours
Mast Repairs 496 hours 400 hours 96 hours
Leaks and misc. 620 hours 140 hours 480 hours
Total Hours 4,016 hours 2,440 hours 1,576 hours saved
Labor Costs $40.00 per hour $40.00 per hour $40.00 per hour
Total Cost $160,640 $97,600 $63,040 saved

  $ 63,040.00 Money saved on labor costs
+$ 12,000.00 Cost to operate 1 forklift per year (eliminated extra truck)
  $ 75,040.00 Total savings per year - 1,000 hours saved on steer axles & motors

$ 75,040.00 Total savings per year

How to Justify the Cost of a Forklift Service Lift...

At first you might think that a forklift maintenance lift would only be used for major repairs such as removal or repair of electric motors, transmissions etc.  Shortly after receiving a lift, your mechanics will find out that they can use the lift for a wide variety of preventive maintenance and routine repair tasks. Brake jobs become a breeze.  Mast repairs are simplified.  Incidental repairs, such as leaks and loose wire brushes are safe, quick and easy.  A forklift maintenance lift provides instant and complete access to all primary forklift components.  Routine maintenance and inspections will pinpoint loose or worn parts before they fail and cause costly downtime.  Shop morale will be improved when mechanics are provided with the safest equipment.  You eliminate potential back problems when work is done while standing.