Adjustable Lift-A-Lift

Fast, Safe, and Easy Maintenance for Forklifts, Industrial Vehicles, and Light Trucks.
The Lift-A-Lift® forklift service lift is designed to allow complete access to underside parts of forklifts and other short-wheelbased industrial vehicles for lubrication, repair or parts replacement.  Just drive the vehicle onto the adjustable runways.  The self-leveling service lift raises the vehicle up to 71 inches, so all maintenance can be performed while standing.

The Lift-A-Lift® truck lift is made in the USA and complies with applicable ANSI and OSHA requirements. Automatic safety locks are incorporated into the design to prevent accidents due to hydraulic failure.

Compare us to the other guys... We offer more standard features!

The Lift-A-Lift® truck lift is portable with removable runway panels and floor beams for easier access.  Standard 18 inch wide runways adjust hydraulically from 56" to 76" on the 20,000#, 30,000# and 40,000# service lift. The width adjustment feature accommodates a wide range of industrial vehicles.

And of course, it complies with all applicable OSHA and ANSI requirements, has automatic safety backup features, and comes with a one-year warranty.

There are no finer lifts available - anywhere.


Click a link below to view specifications and drawings:

V-20-A 20,000# Lift-a-Lift

V-30-A 30,000# Lift-a-Lift

V-30 ALRS 30,000# Lift-a-Lift

V-40-AWS 40,000# Lift-a-Lift