V-13-A Lift-A-Lift® Forklift Service Lift Specifications

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Capacity: 13,000# G.V.W.
Entry width: 52" to 68"
(specify 4" increments)
Minimum ceiling height: 12'7"
Max runway height: 71"
safety locks: Automatic
Motor: 3hp
Power: 3-phase only
Shipping weight: 6200lbs.
16" wide runways X 8' long
20" to 36" inside working width
(specify 4" increments)


Portable, hydraulic lift
Auto safety locks
Auto self-leveling system
Lockable control panels
Shipped assembled and factory tested


Hydraulic motor/transmission jack ramp - 10' long
Pallet jack combo kit
(center ramp and 2 side rails)
Wheel-freeing device
Three-wheel platform