Forklift Service and Maintenance Lifts

Forklift, industrial truck and motor vehicle maintenance is easier, safer and more efficient with Tilt-Or-Lift Inc.'s four service lifts.  Each lift is designed to give mechanics easy access to all areas for maintenance, lubrication, repair, and parts replacement.  No matter what your requirements, there is a Tilt-Or-Lift service lift to meet your needs.

Cost Justification

The time saved using these systems will pay for the units.  It's easy to justify the cost of a forklift service lift.  One major automotive manufacturer saved 1,576 maintenance hours on 40 electric trucks in a single year using the Tipper service lift.  Click Here to view the cost justification report.

Made in the USA

All four service lift models are made in the USA, operate hydraulically, meet all applicable ANSI and OSHA specifications, and incorporate automatic safety features to prevent injury in the event of hydraulic malfunction.  All service lifts are shipped assembled and factory tested. Every service lift also comes with a one-year warranty.  A variety of popular options are available to increase versatility.

Safety Comes First

View our Safety Comes First PowerPoint Slideshow.  (The slide show will run in a new browser window. Simply close the window when you're finished viewing our slideshow to return to the Tilt-Or-Lift Website.)